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Recent Changes to the National Construction Code (NCC)

As of 1st of May, changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) have taken effect, requiring all new homes to meet upgraded minimum standards to create healthier, more energy efficient and liveable homes. The main three areas of these changes are detailed below:

Energy Efficiency:

All new homes must now meet a minimum 7-star energy efficiency rating, improving running costs, reducing costs for heating and cooling, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and making homes more resilient to extreme weather. These changes take a ‘whole of home’ approach, considering features such as insulation, heating and cooling, hot water, appliances, lighting and pool equipment.

Condensation Mitigation:

The NCC’s condensation management recommendations are designed to reduce rising condensation through better management of moisture in wet areas, within wall cavities and roof spaces. Implemented through increased waterproofing standards to all wet areas and weatherproofing requirements for the roof and wall claddings, these new regulations aim to reduce the potential of mould building in damp areas whilst improving the air quality throughout the home.


All homes must now include key features improving liveability and accessibility throughout the home. This incorporates design features such as ground floor accessibility, minimum passageway widths and structural provisions within toilet, showers and bathrooms for items such as supportive rails, allowing each home to better meet the demands of the broader community and support people as they age.

At Unique Constructions , we have taken these mandated changes as an opportunity to review and update our architecturally crafted homes. Complying with all requirements, we’ve upgraded the standard of our own inclusions setting a new and more luxurious benchmark in design and construction.

Beyond regulated changes, we’ve also enhanced the features within our homes, now encapsulating key inclusions that will improve the overall style and aesthetic of your home.

If you’d like to know more, or discuss an upcoming home solution then get in touch with Mark or Sharna and we will be able to help navigate the right home solution for you. Contact us on

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