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Redefining Your Home Office Space

Perfect Office Spaces

Working from custom designed homes with perfect office spaces benefits in so many ways! It improves your personal wellness and makes it convenient to work. Your commute is only about 15 seconds, so it saves you from the hassle of waking up early and waiting in long traffic lines. You can work in your most comfortable clothes without worrying about meeting other people around you.

With the sudden increase of people shifting their work to home due to the pandemic scenario, it’s essential to have a one of a kind room in your custom designed home dedicated to your work life. Whether you are working remotely as part of a team or running your own business, spend some time designing your home office to create an organized and beautiful work environment that is productive and ergonomic.

Comfort comes first when preparing a space for work at your home.  If you live in Tropical Far North Queensland, Cairns, your home office must be designed by keeping the environment into consideration. Trusted local builders like Unique Constructions bring you the finest service to build your tailored homes and office spaces in Cairns. When it comes to Cairns custom homes, our main focus is to provide the ultimate comfort with style to our clients!

Keeping the current scenario of the pandemic in mind, we have composed a list of 8 simple and stunning ideas to make your home office a place that will inspire you every day and where your stress will be minimized. Now get to work to experience it yourself!

Natural Light

Multiple scientific studies have proved that natural light positively affects our productivity and mood. If possible, position your working desk near a window to stay in more natural lighting. Natural sunlight exposure also helps improve our sleeping schedule, thus aiding in concentration.

Layered Lighting

For a perfect home office design, along with natural light, also make sure to incorporate enough artificial lighting. Your computer screen and overhead lighting don’t make a great combination; adding a desktop lamp can relieve eye strain. It also adds warmth to your otherwise overly electronic and cold space. An adjustable task lamp will go a long way to producing the most light possible without overpowering the computer screen; just keep the lampshade higher than the monitor’s height.

Rug it up

Cover your space with a colorful area rug for visual appeal and sound absorption. Selecting the colour of your rug depends on your personal taste and the colour palette used in the room. If you have patterned or upholstered furniture in your room, typically, you will go with solid coloured rugs, and if you have mostly solid colours in your space, interior designers will suggest using vivid and lively coloured rugs to add character to the room.

A floor rug can warm up the room, both literally and metaphorically. Keep the furniture simple to make the rug more prominent.

A Separate Seating Area

Along with a working corner, create a separate seating nook in your home office; it is a must-have in Cairns custom homes. Add a pair of recliners, a coffee table, a beautiful rug, and a floor lamp to make it look executive. Use this simple seating to conduct meetings with your real and online clients and leave a great impression with your one of a kind space! You can also use it as a pleasant spot to sit with your family and friends for a quick chat session.

Keep it Scented

A beautiful scent can elevate moods and emotions, consequently boosting your work performance. Create a signature scent for your home office to make it feel more personal. Adding a scented candle, eucalyptus, a diffuser, or a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers can instantly fill your office space with a personal touch.

Bring in Some Greenery

Fresh flowers and live plants can immediately brighten up space and raise people’s spirits. According to a study by Harvard University, fresh flowers can have an energizing impact on individuals as they work.

Live plants also work as natural air purifiers, even if they are small in size.  Add some beautiful and low-maintenance plants in your home office to create a cheerful and colourful ambiance along with some good Feng Shui!

Invest in Some Home Office Technology

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down and finding that you have forgotten to connect your phone with your Bluetooth speaker. Or the lights are not dim, or bright enough, or the room temperature is not perfect for you. Consider updating the home office technology, instead of being annoyed at those times. Give yourself the ease of controlling everything just with a push of a button. Install a home automation system to open the blinds, turn on the fan, or play music when you want to relax.

Organization is The Key

Being organized is key to a productive work environment! Be creative with your office storage space; maximize the organization by incorporating vertical and horizontal shelving. A pair of floating shelves are perfect for decoration while saving floor space. Their hidden brackets and compact design can instantly elevate your office design.

Use movable storage for a perfectly decluttered space. Place cabinets on casters to easily slide stuff away when not in use. Label all the files, boxes, and drawers; pretty labeling makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

…We cannot say that the home office trend is new, but COVID 19 has forced many living in Cairns’ tropics to opt for this. People lacking a proper space to work can get all the help they need by contacting us here. We’re a family-run company owned by Mark and Sharna Price. We both believe in giving a personalized experience to our clients. Through the various one on one meetings with our clients, we can turn their imagination into reality. With our help, you’ll be amazed to see how your dull and boring space can be turned into a welcoming and idea-boosting area. Let us take charge of your space to build a one of a kind home office that reflects a personality.